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The unique team behind Exo was inspired by a combination of nature and futuristic designs to create their masterpiece apartments. Plant pods, leaf patterns and river-washed stones have all been incorporated into the construction of Exo, along with the latest energy saving technology including double-glazed windows, water recycling for garden irrigation and on-site bicycle storage. Exo highlights to residents that it is possible to reduce their carbon footprint and aim for a sustainable future whilst living in the centre of the city. Through advanced construction techniques, natural light fills Exo’s apartments and the central courtyard, ensuring a vibrant living space for residents.


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Exo is synonymous with elegance and cutting edge technology. Conveniently located in the heart of Victoria Harbour, just minutes from Melbourne’s CBD, Exo reflects the city’s culture and quiet confidence. With a choice of 1 and 2 bedroom apartments bathed in natural light and providing a quiet sanctuary away from the city, Exo’s apartment interiors give a subtle nod to modernism. The breathtaking views over Collins Street towards the city and Victoria Harbour only add to its appeal. Exo just has to be seen to be believed- these elevated apartments are destined to become a Melbourne design icon.

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If you have recently invested in an Exo Apartment, you need the right advice to guide you towards the right decisions regarding your property. Atwell & Co are established rental property managers who are committed to assisting you with your property management. More than just real estate agents, Atwell & Co has been helping Melbournians with rental property management for many years, taking the stress of property from vendors, purchasers, tenants and landlords. Call Atwell & Co today and they will look after you and your property.

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