Discovering 10 Amazing Apartments of the World

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Featured: Apartment of Rita Konig


A lot of people dream about enjoying apartment life because it evokes images of extravagant and creative professionals celebrating urban living. What makes apartment living desirable is that privacy becomes a priority – it is your personal space. You can choose your own furnishings, wallpaper and accessories. It can be where you can escape from the fast lane of the city or you can use it as your entertainment space for your guests, friends and family. The following are apartment inspirations for whatever purpose you want to use it:

Great Belgian Escape

This great escape in Antwerp, Belgium is like a revival of an earlier classical style. Its design is entirely unique featuring the gallery-like furnishings. The furniture pieces are designer types, concept items and rare find. The apartment is already exciting to look at – how it must be when you’re actually living in it? The only catch here is the fact that there are times when the apartment is open to the public.

Belle Isle, Miami

This is a development found in Miami within the artificially made island where residents can enjoy tropical style of living. Most of the luxury apartments in this development are located in an exclusive spot. It is ideal for people who want to mimic celebrity kind of lifestyle.

Apartment of Lukas Kordik

This apartment features pops of color that highlights the industrial theme design so it provides emphasis on certain points for Lukas Kordik’s apartment.

Apartment in Paris

Do you want an effortless way to make your apartment look elegantly chic? If you have already used bright colors before, you can try using black as your primary paint.

Glamour Girl Apartment

The design of this apartment has a glamour girl appeal. To achieve this look, you can stick to neutral colors and add accent details like pink and glamorous table books and fancy chandeliers.

Warehouse Appeal

There are times when the most appealing apartment bears the sharp contrast of bare, crumbling walls with fancy furniture pieces. This design scheme is ideal when you live in an apartment with historical background like this warehouse apartment.

Modernly Parisian

This apartment deviates from the usual form of Parisian apartments despite being located at the center of Paris. Rather, it features the clash of bold yellow strips with slate grey and furniture pieces that bears industrial design scheme.

Mixture of Styles in New York

This eclectic DIY New York apartment has the design scheme developed by two budget frenzy New Yorkers. They used many vintage and antique furniture pieces that look like being brought to life and the restoration of space by using bright colored paints. It also features a lot of interesting points giving the apartment more personality and style.

Emphasizing Outdoor Apartment

Don’t want to miss out on outdoor space for your home? This style of apartment is definitely for you. It features the decked balcony created with metal shelving where you can place potted plants and several cozy seating spaces to dig in.

Apartment of Rita Konig

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Holly Becker designed this apartment that features the perfect blend of organized clutter and bright open residence. You can see many things but accessory-wise it doesn’t look overwhelming. It is great for the creative type of people.

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