How Windows Can Help Your Interior Design Plans

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There can be a lot to take into account when planning your interior decorating and some people miss out some very important aspects. We often think of what to do with the walls and the floors and what furniture would be right for the room yet many people overlook something that could help to create something really quite special. Make the most of your windows and you could create a design to be proud of.


Many windows are fairly plain (no pun intended) with frames holding large sheets of glass but it doesn’t have to be like that. Consider latticed frames for a more classical effect with intricate designs or maybe just a random mosaic pattern. Softer edge frames could complement a room designed with soft furnishings and comfort in mind whereas straight edges would be ideal for a crisper, more clinical feel. Shapes play a powerful part in how we feel in a room so choosing the right window frames could help you exactly achieve the effect you are looking for.

Setting the Mood

Windows are, of course, excellent at letting the light in. Play your cards right however and not only do you get a well lit room, you could also help set the mood. Not only do blinds look great they also help you control the amount of light that comes in, from letting it all in to blocking it out completely. Many blinds will never completely block out the light even when fully closed, allowing the room to be at least partly lit but without any glare. You could even try using blinds that tint any light that is allowed into the room therefore helping to change the colour scheme, giving you greater flexibility in terms of what can be done.

Create a Focal Point

If you would like to create a focal point for your room but can’t think of what to do, your windows could help you out. If you have bay windows then you could create a beautiful seating area that could be for use or just for show. Bay windows could also create a large shelf for you to use making it an ideal place to have ornaments or other items that you would like to take pride of place where everybody can see them.

Get Creative

With enough creative thinking, and perhaps a little daring, you could achieve the spectacular. Think about what you may be able to do with stained glass. You don’t have to go for a traditional type you see in churches and cathedrals, there is no reason you couldn’t choose any design of your liking. You could consider having a single colour that helps to bathe your room in in any colour you wish. Perhaps you could also try thinking about etched windows with intricate designs or something simple yet attractive. Put your mind to it, have a look around for a little inspiration, and you could create something unique which helps to make your interior design work perfectly.

Jamie Finch is a blogger that likes to make his home look the best he can. He feels that VELUX Windows from Ken’s Yard can make a significant difference to any interior design plans.

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