Ideas To Make Your Small Space Larger!

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small space, women in box, Looking for a way to make your small space a little larger for that home sale? Eliminating clutter in your home and a few
other quick changes can help you to enjoy more space.

Here are our 5 ways to add space to your home:

1. Walls: Try looking to the walls to help. Today there are so many different choices for shelving – it’s a great way to add some new style to your home and get that clutter off the floor. Shelves can be a great way to utilize space to showcase your books and some knick knacks that may not be getting enough eye attention.

2. Dual used spaces: Utilizing a space for two uses? When using a room as an office and workout area for example – try using a screen to separate both locations. Not only does this help in concentration and focus of the two activities, but it will hopefully keep clutter to each area or promote a more organized lifestyle!

3. Use furniture for organizing: We all know of those “dust bunnies” that hide under our beds… instead of dust bunnies – why not use that space for storage. Take some of your seasonally or rarely used clothing; store them in containers that fit underneath your bed. It’s also a great place to store extra blankets! Utilizing ottomans that contain storage inside of them can also help to store family games, game consoles, DVD’s and magazines.

4. Curtains: A simple adjustment of your curtains can create the illusion of height and more space. Hang your curtains higher than the window frame and wider than the window frame. By over emphasizing the actual window size – it can make your space seem larger.

5. Technology: With so many different storage solutions out there and the advancement of making technology smaller – this is another way to reduce clutter in your home. Flat screen TV’s, transferring DVD’s and CD’s to your laptop – these uses of technology can help reduce clutter.

We hope some of these tips have inspired you and helps make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

Do you have any ways that you’ve saved some space? We’d love to hear about them – leave us a comment with it!
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