Simple Principles that Could Make a Dramatic Impact on Any Rental Properties You Own

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16773682372_6d2d6ba32b_oBeing a landlord and maintaining your rental properties are a huge investment emotionally as much as it is financially. Now here are simple principles that can make a dramatic impact on any rental properties you own. These principles are so simple it can save you tremendous amount of money; it is going to reduce a […]

How to Own the Best Investment Property in Australia

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How to Own the Best Investment Property in AustraliaPurchasing a property in Australia can be a great step to securing your financial future and financial freedom for yourself and your family. You should bear in mind that an investment property should be about increasing your wealth thus ensuring your financial future. Now here are some tips that might help you own the best […]

Spotlight on 55 Bay Street Port Melbourne

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Bay Street, Port Melbourne has become, in recent years, one of the most popular bayside, residential locations in Melbourne. This is because of the proximity of the beach, the large array of some of the finest restaurants, and the many shopping strips. Living here you will have the best of what Melbourne can offer at […]

Spotlight on 1 Freshwater Place, Southbank, Melbourne

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If you want splendor and luxury in your everyday life, then Freshwater Place is for you. Located in the very heart of Melbourne, Freshwater Place is a premium residential address whose luxury is guaranteed to rival that of even the best hotels. Freshwater Place is just a few minutes’ walk from the central business district, […]

Spotlight on 70 Queens Rd Melbourne, Victoria

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Whether you are interested in the property market as an investor, or if you just want a property of your own with a luxurious ambience and in a location with stunning views, Queens Rd, Melbourne, could be the place for you. Apartments in Queens Rd are stunningly well-presented inside and out, and boast sensational views […]

Spotlight on Building at 219-221 East Boundary Rd Bentleigh East VIC 3165

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One of Melbourne’s most sought after residential suburbs, Bentleigh East is located just 14 kilometers to the southeast of Melbourne’s CBD. Bentleigh East is bounded to the east by Warrigal Road, to the south by South Road, to the west by Tucker Road, and to the north by North Road. Schools in the area include […]

Spotlight on the Building in 173-177 Barkly Street St. Kilda, Melbourne

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When it comes to renting an apartment in Melbourne, there is no doubt that the suburb of St. Kilda is a great option, as one of Melbourne’s most sought after residential locations. One particular building which is deserving of the attention of potential renters is 173-177 Barkly Street. Of course, it is not just a […]

Spotlight on 220 Commercial Rd Prahran

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Enjoy the best in modern, inner-city living by acquiring a property in one of Melbourne’s most exciting neighborhoods, Prahran. The suburb includes locations such as Prahran Market, a famous fresh food market in Commercial Road, which offers fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, and more. There are also numerous cafes and restaurants, in the area, making […]

Spotlight on the Elm Building at 18-24 Dorcas St South Melbourne – focus on style and innovation

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The Elm building is located at 18-24 Dorcas St., South Melbourne. A 22-storey building developed by Fridcorp, this is not a simple construction but a perfectly laid out space where occupants can enjoy generous living and dining areas with a balcony, catering to the modern taste for style and innovation. Launched in early 2008, The […]

Spotlight on 14 Elizabeth St Malvern VIC 3444

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Property buyers who want to get the best value for their property can subscribe to receive property reports and get information on price estimates on the properties for sale in the area. Renters can also get data and information here. Historical sales and rental data are available, including pricing trends and discounts. This is the […]


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East Melbourne is one of Melbourne’s earliest established suburbs, just adjacent to Melbourne CBD. It has a population of slightly over 4,300 according to the 2006 census, and is home to a number of government buildings including Parliamment House in Spring Street, as well as residential properties. Some specialist hospitals are also located in this […]

How to Choose a Property Manager

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Property management is the operation of residential and commercial real estate typically done by a hired licensed professional, a Property Manager. Responsibilities of property managers include collecting rental payments, finding and screening new tenants, marketing and promotion of the property to fill vacancies quickly, arranging for and supervising repairs for the property, periodic inspection of […]

Ideas To Make Your Small Space Larger!

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Looking for a way to make your small space a little larger for that home sale? Eliminating clutter in your home and a few other quick changes can help you to enjoy more space. Here are our 5 ways to add space to your home: 1. Walls: Try looking to the walls to help. Today […]

Property Management While On Vacation?

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As a landlord, the holiday season may bring vacations for you and your family.  What happens to your properties while you are away?  If you are traveling out of the country, being available for your tenants may become a concern for your tenants and for you if you’re always on the phone handling problems. Property […]

5 Lessons Learned For Buying Investment Property

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Thinking of getting started in the investment property industry?  Perhaps you are enticed by the low prices, mortgage rates and the ability to be your own boss.  It’s an exciting occupation, but one that has a learning curve!  We’ve created the a list of 5 things you should remember when buying your first investment property. […]

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