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The rental market is still strong, with the vacancy rate in the inner city reportedly below 2%. This is expected to continue, with more demand in early December as prospective tenants attempt to find accommodation before the holiday period.

Such high demand for properties coupled with strong population growth, rent prices are rising and tenants are finding it increasingly difficult to find a suitable property. This ultimately means residential property investors are in a strong position.

Honestly, does this look like a recession? Confidence soars; home loans at 11-month high. The number of new housing loans is at 11-month highs, lifting by 0.4 per cent in February. First home-buyers account for almost 27 per cent of home loans taken out – the highest on record. Banks account for over 92 per cent of all loans – a 33-year high. Consumer confidence surged to 13-month highs in April.

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