Estelle, 134 Burnly Street, Richmond, VIC 3121

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Estelle, 134 Burnly Street, Richmond, VIC 3121
  • Price Range: $370,000 to $870,000
  • of Properties: 91
  • No. of Levels: 8
  • Bedroom Apartment Available: 1 – 3


With this fast-paced world, who wouldn’t want to be on the centre and on top of everything? Richmond offers Estelle – a home within the city that allows you to be as flexible as you can be. Estelle is a unique residential building that is situated in an enchanting location where everything is within your reach from your view. Standing on the centre of Melbourne CBD, you will have a commanding view and an ecstatic feeling over the city and surrounding parklands from your private balcony.


Estelle offers a spacious, contemporary styled kitchen where in you get to whip your meal while witnessing the Melbourne sunset. It has also an appealing design which embraces cultural diversity and complexity of Richmond’s inner city context. In addition, its modern façade is made of concrete, steel and glass which reflects desire to be with nature. It also allows you to address indulgence to green havens and urban lifestyle when you can see the Church Street and bridge road on the west and the lush greenery of the Yarra River and Creswick reserve on the east.

Estelle is indeed an uncommon beauty – a life from above. Why wouldn’t you like to be away and attend to all the hassles in life when you can experience all these once you are with us? Send your queries now!

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