Atwell & Co is a team of full service property managers in Albert Park, as well as almost every other Melbourne suburb and even other towns in Victoria. They offer the highest quality property management in Albert Park through a team of dedicated real estate professionals, each of whom has an intimate knowledge of all of the laws and legal regulations which govern property rental in Australia. Additionally, their team is familiar with the real estate market in Albert Park unlike many of the other large property management firms in Victoria, so they can get your property rented quickly and for the best possible price.

Atwell & Co is located in Prahran, but has professionals dedicated specifically to the Albert Park area, as well as all of the other major suburbs and areas of Melbourne. Their team of highly motivated, experienced professional property managers will do whatever it takes to ensure your property is rented out, and they won’t stop until you are fully satisfied.

Why Choose Atwell & Co Property Management Service?

When it comes to renting out your property in Albert Park, you basically have two different options. You could either choose to do everything yourself, or you can hire a company like Atwell & Co that specializes in property management in Albert Park to do all of the work for you. Some people mistakenly believe that renting out their own property is a fairly easy and straightforward process, but the truth is that it is actually incredibly time consuming and all sorts of problems can arise if everything is not done properly.

This is why if you are serious about renting your property out, then you should definitely at least consider hiring a property manager like Atwell & Co. After all, the main reason why you likely decided to lease your property out in the first place was to make some extra income each month, but what price are you willing to pay for this?

If you attempt to rent your property on your own, you will soon find that it begins to consume basically all of your free time, leaving you with no time left over to enjoy that extra income. So why struggle with the stress and headaches of trying to do everything yourself, when you can simply hire Atwell & Co Property Management in Albert Park and then have the freedom to just relax and actually have the time and energy left to enjoy your extra rental income each month.

What Exactly Do Our Albert Park Property Managers Do?

When looking at the process of renting out and managing your rental property, it is probably much easier to talk about what Atwell & Co’s team of property managers in Albert Park will not do, and the answer to that question is nothing. Atwell & Co are full service property managers, meaning they will take care of absolutely every aspect of renting and managing your flat or home.

After you hire their property managers, they will immediately start working on trying to find tenants to lease your property. This includes getting your property listed in all of the most important places like the most popular real estate websites, ensuring your property is seen by the maximum number of potential tenants. They will then do the work of screening each potential tenants and performing credit checks on each one.

After the right tenant is selected, the team will then begin working on preparing all of the necessary documents including rental contract, a document stating the condition of the property at the time of the signing, and much more. This will ensure that everything is done in line with the law and that the new tenants are liable for any damage they may cause while leasing the flat or home.

They will also deal directly with the tenants, ensuring you never have to get any phone calls in the middle of the night should an emergency arise. Plus they will collect rental payments and quickly distribute them back to you.

Additionally, they will take care of all other aspects of managing and maintaining the property, including scheduling any necessary maintenance and upkeep work, performing the required property inspections, and finding new tenants or renewing the lease agreement when the time comes.

Still, all of this is only a fraction of the things that Atwell & Co’s team of property managers in Albert Park will do to ensure your rental goes as smoothly as possible- and while you will of course have to pay for these services, you will soon realize that their reasonable fee is more than worth it for the peace of mind you’ll get by knowing your property is being properly managed. It will also free up your time to be spent on more worthwhile things, so you can just sit back and collect rent without having to lift a finger.