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Earning passive income from your property entails hard work. However, it doesn’t have to completely rest on your shoulders. You can always turn to the most efficient and reliable property management Bentleigh has ever seen— Atwell & Co. We can certainly take care of everything from day one and ensure that all operations are run smoothly. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and allow us to do our job. This way, you can continue to maximize the earning potential of your Bentleigh property without lifting a finger.

Why Choose Atwell & Co Property Management Service?

Aside from the fact that Atwell & Co is a known leader in providing property management services, a lot of people have already attested to our excellent work. We provide remarkable property managers for many suburbs around Victoria.

Here are the reasons behind our success and popularity:

1. Professional Team

We are proud of all our professional property managers Bentleigh-based as they are all knowledgeable and experienced in the property market of Victoria and in real estate legislation. With extensive training and an established system, these managers can handle all the necessary tasks involved in the day-to-day operations of running your property and dealing with tenants.

2. Superior Quality Service

We always make sure to provide the best property management Bentleigh can offer. Atwell & Co. is well-known to give superior quality service at all times, going the extra mile and working round the clock to ensure smooth-sailing operations and to attend to all the needs of the clients.

3. Real Estate Expertise

We also provide expert advice and guidance in all your real estate matters. You and your tenants can consult our property managers for these things so that you will not run into any problems in this regard.

4. Efficient Collection

From the very start, we already enforce strict and clear rules on payment. We make sure to subject all applications to business, rental, and personal checks. We also take care of rent collection for monthly and advanced, and disburse them immediately with corresponding detailed reports. Furthermore, we also prepare end-of-the-year financial reports that contain the comprehensive summary of expenditures and income.

5. Effective Advertising

Atwell & Co. has never failed to understand the needs of its clients. Hence we also include effective and comprehensive advertising methods in our package. This means that your vacancies will be promoted well on ten different websites, including social media. You will also be included in the rent list that is regularly emailed to our growing database of prospective tenants.

What Exactly Do Our Bentleigh Property Managers Do?

When a property manager Bentleigh from Atwell & Co has got your back, you have nothing to worry about. All our property managers are well-informed and well-versed in handling various properties and handling tenants. Here are the basic tasks that we take charge of:

1. Promotion

We promote your property in many ways, thus ensuring that you do not experience long periods of vacancies. This helps in optimizing your passive income too.

2. Selection

We are in charge of screening applicants for tenants, wherein we employ a stringent selection process in order to check their viability. This way, you will not end up with tenants who are difficult to deal with, may bring about trouble in your small community, and may run away from the responsibility of paying rent.

3. Documentation

Once tenants are ready to move in, we are responsible as well for processing all the legal documents necessary. We arrange the preparation of the bond lodgement, the condition report, the lease agreement, and other pertinent papers. We also keep copies of these for record-keeping.

4. Collection

You do not have to worry about collecting rent and even advanced payments from the beginning. We have a proven system of rent collection that will take away this stressful burden from your load. Furthermore, we take appropriate action at once in case tenants miss out on their arrears.

5. Inspection

Every now and then, we make it a point to inspect the premises so as to ensure the good quality of the facilities and equipment. We take note of anything that needs to be repaired, replaced or maintained. Then we provide you a copy of the detailed report covering this inspection.

6. Correction

Whenever there are things to be corrected in running your property such as the changing of unsatisfactory utility suppliers, our property managers will immediately inform you too and act on these things with as little disturbance on the tenants as possible.

7. Preservation

Every property manager Bentleigh that we assign to a certain office aims to preserve the high quality of your property and the efficient operations here. This includes attending to the concerns of tenants and responding appropriately to their requests and complaints.