Property Managers in Chadstone | Property Management | Chadstone, Victoria

Whether it’s your first time to have a property that you would like to rent out or you have been buying properties for rental income for a long time, you should definitely make it a point to hire the services of the best property managers Chadstone has to offer— Atwell & Co. We are a leading Melbourne property management firm that provides reliable and efficient services for Property Management Chadstone.

Why Opt for Atwell & Co. Property Management Services?

There is good reason behind the popularity of Atwell & Co. in the field of property management. The services that we provide are certainly incomparable, hence rendering us a favorite among property owners, developers, and investors. Indeed we have been reigned a top player in Chadstone because of the amazing set of skills we have along with relevant knowledge and extensive experience. Our expertise and brilliant results are rooted in the following:

1. Professional Property Managers

Every Chadstone based Property Manager that we have is considered a true professional. We have extensively trained and carefully chosen all our property managers to come up with an efficient, honest, hardworking, and reliable team. These individuals are also knowledgeable in the Melbourne property market and in the real estate laws.

2. Superior Quality Service

If you want to enjoy the benefits of having the most excellent property management Chadstone can ever have, you will not be disappointed with Atwell & Co. With our superior quality of service, you do not have to worry about anything anymore. Even the collection of payments is timed properly and will be disbursed to you immediately. Tenants will be screened and handled properly too. We work round the clock to provide unmatched services to all our clients.

3. Established System

We have an established and proven system that covers all the necessary aspects of property management operations— promoting vacancies and screening tenants, attending to tenants’ needs and requests, inspecting premises and providing detailed reports, monitoring and collecting payments and coming up with financial reports, and many more. Consider all these things off your back while you still enjoy your passive income.

4. Full Documentation & Assistance

You need not worry too about the documents and requirements for your property and tenants. We take care of the lease agreement, bond lodgement, condition report, and more. These things take time and effort to process. We will provide all the necessary assistance in this regard so you can simply relax.

5. Brilliant Advertising

Our brilliant, comprehensive advertising campaign consists of exposure and promotion in ten websites and social media sites, together with being included in our rent list. This list is regularly updated and emailed to our growing database of potential tenants. With this kind of campaign, you can be assured of not having long periods of vacancies in your building.

How Can Our Chadstone Property Managers Help You?

Our property managers Chadstone can help you in many ways. Here are the fundamental tasks that we perform for our clients:

1. Locate and screen prospective tenants.

You do not have to be anxious about not getting tenants or perhaps about ending up with tenants who cause trouble or do not pay. Our property managers can take care of these matters for you. We will strictly screen potential tenants to check for their viability.

2. Arrange appropriate documentation.

You do not have to worry about handling any documentation for your property or even for the tenants. Since we are familiar with real estate legislation, these legalities will surely be in good hands.

3. Handle payments and financial reports.

With our Chadstone Property Management services, it is important that payments are taken care of properly. From the beginning, we already set the policies on these matters and strictly enforce payment of both monthly and advanced rent. We also have the provision of electronic payments and direct debit for the convenience of the tenants. Moreover, you will be happy to note that we also provide comprehensive summaries of income and expenditures in our financial reports.

4. Inspect and monitor the property.

From time to time, we conduct inspection of the premises and provide detailed reports that we submit to you. This way, you can be updated about the quality and functionality of your property and if there is a need to repair or upgrade anything.

5. Attend to the concerns of tenants.

A good property manager Chadstone always attends to the concerns of tenants even before they say anything. Naturally, this also consists of responding appropriately to requests and complaints. In Atwell & Co., we make it a point to prioritize tenants as much as possible and to make them happy.

6. Advise and administer reviews and renewals.

We are also in charge of advising and administering rent reviews and lease renewals. Hence we can assure you of top quality tenants and avoid many problems in the process.

7. Advertise promotion of vacancies.

We also utilize the Internet and social media for advertisements and have a rent list that is emailed to our increasing database.