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If you would like to make the most of your investment in a property, the best way to go about it is to rent out or lease the units whether for residential or commercial purposes. In doing so, you will need to avail of the best property management Docklands can find and offer. After all, leaving the management job to the experts will surely assure you of maximized earnings that you will not have to work hard for. In this regard, Atwell & Co. is your greatest shot.

Why Pick Atwell & Co. Property Management Service Over Others?

There is good reason for you to choose Atwell & Co. over others when it comes to the best property management Docklands has ever seen. Our well-established and reputed firm is renowned for our impeccable service and remarkable team among other positive attributes that stand out about the rest.

Here are the main reasons why you should go for our services:

1. Complete Package

We offer an irresistible property management package that boasts of comprehensive handling of a property’s promotion and operations. You will not have to worry anymore about advertising as we will also take care of this. This way, we are able to ensure minimal vacancy periods. In addition, our package includes regular inspections and detailed reports along with all other forms of assistance for tenants. All these and more for a very reasonable rate.

2. Excellent Track Record

With our excellent track record, you have nothing to fear or worry about. You can simply sit back and relax while we do all the work. In the past, we have served plenty of clients that resulted in positive outcomes and have given them great reason to praise our services to the high heavens. Even today, we always try to continuously upgrade our services.

3. Brilliant Property Managers

Every property manager Docklands-based that we will employ is sure to provide amazing performance. These professionals are highly trained and qualified as real estate specialists and experts in managing different properties and tenants. Each one has his own KPIs that help achieve a common goal for clients— to optimize the earning potential of a particular property while making sure of smooth-sailing day-to-day operations.

4. Efficient System

We already have an efficient system in place. Tried and tested, this system is well-known to any team we assign to your property. It helps them follow standard protocols in dealing with various situations and making sure that everything runs smoothly on a daily basis.

5. Constant Communication

Because we believe that constant communication is essential in our success, we make sure to keep records of all fulfilled tasks, reported incidents, relevant tenant information, copies of legal documents, and collection updates. We always communicate everything to our clients so that you can be well-informed about what is happening. This kind of open line also involves our transparency through detailed summary reports, both monthly and annual reports.

What Exactly Do Our Docklands Property Managers Do?

Atwell & Co. is proud to say that all our property managers Docklands are equipped with sufficient knowledge about the job and everything related to it. They are also well-trained in handling property management concerns.

These are the actual duties that are carried out by our property managers:

1. Promote the property.

The first step to take into account after the acquisition of a property is to promote it. Our property managers help in making sure that your vacancies are given enough exposure in order to attract prospective tenants.

2. Locate tenants.

It is important to look for and to find tenants who may want to rent from your space. We make sure that these are done for you.

3. Screen tenants.

Being choosy when it comes to tenants is helpful in avoiding future problems and ensuring that rent is paid on time.

4. Assist tenants.

We also conduct supervised inspections by accompanying tenants in viewing the property. This is a good way to build and improve rapport as well as to know more about the applicants. It is also a great way to keep belongings safe. Furthermore, we also assist tenants in their documentation and everyday needs.

5. Collect rent.

You need not worry about having to collect rent from different tenants, keeping track of finances, and following up on the arrears.

6. Pay charges

We take care of payments for water rates, insurance fees, and other pertinent things you will need to pay for. This is one hassle that you will not need to monitor or be anxious about ever.

7. Inspect the property.

We have regular inspections of the property in order to note down things or areas that have to be given attention. This is also to make sure that the property is maintained in good condition.

8. Submit reports.

We provide inspection reports, incident reports, and financial reports to our clients.