Property Managers in Elsternwick

Property owners, investors, and developers have one thing in common— the desire to earn through rental income. If you have a large sum of money that is sufficient to buy or have your own property built, it is really a great way of making good passive and residual income in the future. However, renting out the units to tenants and maintaining the property is not a one-time deal. It involves day-to-day operations that require experience and expertise. Hence it is best to avail the services of the best property management Elsternwich has to offer— Atwell & Co.

Why Choose Atwell & Co. Property Management Service?

You may be wondering why Atwell & Co. is a resounding name in the industry of property management, especially in the Melbourne vicinities. Indeed our impressive background and track record have propelled us to the top of this field, encouraging more people to place their trust in us. At present, we have property managers handling a lot of different properties in the diverse suburbs of Melbourne.

Aside from our wonderful reputation, here are the reasons why you should select Atwell & Co.:

1. Unparalleled Professionals

When it comes to our property managers Elsternwick-based, you certainly have nothing to worry about and everything to be thankful for. We carefully screen and train all our managers to ensure that we only employ the best who can deliver remarkable services. These professionals are considered experts in managing properties and in real estate matters.

2. Comprehensive Advertisement

Part of our package is to provide a comprehensive advertising campaign. This consists of promotion in ten websites, including social media. It also involves appearing in the rent list that we regularly update and email to our growing database of prospective tenants. This way, we are able to ensure lesser or no vacancy periods at all.

3. Complete Documentation

We want to make sure that our clients are well taken care of and do not have to worry about anything. Thus, we also take charge of the complete documentation necessary for the tenants’ move and stay. All legalities are processed and arranged to avoid future problems.

4. Thorough Regular Inspection

We conduct thorough regular inspections of the premises in order to check and maintain good quality of facilities. We then come up with a detailed report after each inspection which is submitted to the owner.

5. Honest and Constant Communication

In ensuring success for our property management Elsternwick, we believe that it is important to stay in constant and honest communication. Therefore, we report all incidents and pertinent matters regularly and keep the necessary records. We are very transparent with how we run things and with the problems that we encounter. Along with this, we also discuss plans and actions regarding the property and tenants.

What Exactly Do Our Elsternwick Property Managers Do?

The property managers we employ in Elsternwick developments and properties are knowledgeable and experienced. You need not worry about anything. Nevertheless, here is a rundown of the exact tasks that they are expected to accomplish just to give you an idea about the basic work being done:

  • Look for tenants and screen the applicants through a stringent process.
  • Accompany tenants who may want to inspect the property. This is for security purposes as well as for getting to know the tenants more and establish rapport too.
  • Arrange the necessary legal documents for the tenants including the lease agreement, the bond lodgement, and the condition report.
  • Subject possible tenants to very strict examinations of rental records, business transactions and details, and personal information. Credit checks are also accomplished.
  • Enforce monthly and advanced payments, and keep the appropriate records.
  • Enable tenants to apply debit and electronic payments for greater convenience.
  • Disburse the collected payments after a five-day clearance period, together with a detailed monthly report.
  • Prepare financial reports by end of the year to summarize the income and expenditures.
  • Have regular inspections of the premises every six months and come up with reports.
  • Suggest ways on how you can improve or upgrade the property.
  • Attend to the concerns of the tenants and take appropriate action to respond to these.
  • Take care of dealing with different utility providers such as cable TV, Internet, phone line, electricity, and water. This also involves managing garbage collection and maintenance of the grounds.
  • Pay the necessary charges such as council fees, insurance costs, and water rates.
  • Advise and administer lease renewals as well as rent reviews on a regular basis.
  • Continuously advertise and market vacancies in the property on the Internet.

All these responsibilities and more are being taken care of by our reliable and efficient property managers. Atwell & Co. is always committed to its clients in delivering the best property management services and making sure that property owners can maximize their profits without getting burdened.