Property Managers in Elwood | Property Management | Elwood, Victoria

Are you looking for property management in Elwood? You should be talking to Atwell & Co. We are a reputable real estate firm that deals in all kinds of property in Victoria. While our central offices are located there, we have property managers in more than 160 locations in the suburbs.

We offer 2 main services. The first is property management. If you are a landlord who wants his property managed, we can provide you with just the professional to do that. Our property managers make sure that your property always has a tenant, that it is always in good condition and that your rent is paid on time every month.

The second service that we offer is helping individuals to buy and sell properties just like a traditional real estate agent. If it is time for you to sell your property, contact a property manager in Elwood and they will get a buyer for you, and likewise a seller if you are looking to buy.

Our pride in the knowledge that we have of real estate in the Victoria region – all the experience that we have gained dealing in  real estate over the years enables us to serve our clients better than anyone else in the area.

Why Would You Choose Atwell & Co?

It’s simple; we’ll get the job done for you in the most speedy and efficient fashion. Here are some of the reasons people come to us.

  • The first thing that your property manager in Elwood will do after you sign the contract is do an inspection on the property to determine its condition. If there are any repairs to be done, he will organize to have them done right away so that they can get a tenant in without delay.
  • We vet all tenants and make sure that they are suitable. Using the national Tenancy Database, we track their renting history and if they have had problems in the past, we drop them from our list. We also do background checks for both personal and business history as well as a credit card check to see if the potential tenant is having financial trouble.
  • All our employees are trained to make sure that from their first contact with the client, they work to deliver. We use a KPI system to evaluate performance which means that if they have to stay at Atwell & Co, they have to meet the expected standard of performance.
  • We observe all legislation that covers real estate and housing in Australia, including the Residential Tenancies Act and the Estate Agents Act. We make sure that all our transactions are above board and that our clients are aware of what is required of them legally.
  •  We have developed reliable systems that allow us to work fast and efficiently. Processes also allow us to standardize what we do.
  • We work with the best maintenance vendors in Elwood so that the quality of maintenance and repair in any property that we manage is always of the highest standard. We also make sure that there is minimum disruption – tenants don’t have to worry that they need to get out of the way if repair and maintenance crews.
  • Many people who use our property management service in Elwood say that they enjoy how fast we respond when they get in touch with us; we have trained all our employees to attend to clients as soon as possible.

What Exactly will Our Property Managers in Elwood Do for You?

That’s a fair question; you want to know what you will be getting for the fee that you pay us. There is a lot and we work on a case by case basis, but there are some general things that they will do for each property they manage.

  • As soon as you sign on as a client, your Elwood property manager will do an inspection of the property to make sure that everything is as it should be. If it is not, he will organize for repairs as soon as he can so that you can have a tenant in right away.
  • He will vet all prospective tenants to make sure that you get only reliable people living on your property.
  • He will prepare all the documents associated with the contract; the standard ones are: a condition report, a lease agreement and a bond lodgement. If your property needs additional documents for any reason, he will prepare them as well.
  • He will make sure that you receive rent every month. When we collect rent on your behalf, we send it to you after 5 days along with all statements showing payments up to date. He also makes sure that all other bills related to the tenancy are paid.

This is just some of what your property manager will do for you. For a more comprehensive list, visit the Atwell & Co website. If you think we are what you have been looking for when it comes to your property, please contact us.