Property Managers in Kooyong | Property Management | Kooyong, Victoria

If you are looking to rent out your commercial or residential property in Kooyong, or anywhere else in Melbourne, then Atwell & Co has got you covered. Atwell & Co is one of the leading companies offering property management in Kooyong and they employ a team of only the most experienced, knowledgeable, and highly trained staff that will take care of every aspect of your rental property for you.

Although their office is located in Prahran, Atwell & Co actually employs real estate professionals with in-depth and up to date knowledge and experience in property management in Kooyong and over one hundred and sixty other suburbs around Melbourne. In fact, no other Melbourne or Kooyong property management company had as good of a reputation for providing high quality, thorough services to their customers.

Atwell & Co’s team are incredibly highly motivated and will simply not rest until you, their customer, are completely satisfied. They also employ a staff of people with intimate knowledge of all of the relevant laws and regulations that govern property rental in Victoria, so you can also feel the comfortable in the knowledge that your rental agreement will fall perfectly in line with the law, and of course, they can guarantee that you will never be liable should any problems with the contract arise (although their team has so much experience that this simply does not happen).

Why Choose Atwell & Co Property Management Service?

If you have ever tried to rent out a property on your own, without the help of a property manager or real estate agent, you are probably aware of just how incredibly time consuming and draining the entire process can be, and that’s if you have good tenants who always pay on time and never cause problems. With bad tenants, everything becomes even that much more of a headache.

Still, most people who have never tried to rent out a property remain convinced that they can do it all themselves and save the extra money on paying for a property manager in Kooyong. While it definitely is possible to do it all yourself, most people soon decide that all of the extra time and stress involved simply isn’t worth the savings, and eventually end up hiring a property manager anyways.

The reasons for hiring a property manager in Kooyong are numerous, but the one most often heard is that it allows the owner of the rental property to spend their extra time on more enjoyable activities than dealing with unruly or uncooperative tenants. Basically, hiring a property manager will give you the time needed to actually enjoy your extra rental income, which is the main reason why most people choose to rent out their property in the first place.

However, the one thing you need to know is that not all property managers are able to offer the same high level of customer service and support that Atwell & Co are known for. Additionally, many other property management services charge thousands of dollars more per year than what Atwell charges, so if you are serious about maximizing your time and rental income, then Atwell & Co may just be the perfect choice for all of your property management needs.

What Exactly Do Our Kooyong Property Managers Do?

There are so many different aspects involved with property management that it simply isn’t possible to list them all here, but the one thing you need to look for is the phrase full service. Atwell & Co’s property managers in Kooyong are truly full service, meaning that they will do one hundred percent of the work involved with leasing, managing, and maintaining your rental flat or home.

Beginning with finding new tenants, their team will ensure that your rental property gets the best possible tenants, including performing background checks to make sure they will be able to make their rent obligations. They will also have their team of knowledgeable professionals draw up the rental contracts and deal with any problems that may arise with the tenants, including eviction should it become necessary. If you were to ask anyone who has leased their property in the past what the biggest headache was, they would most likely say it was having to deal with their tenants and their issues. However, if you choose Atwell & Co, you’ll never even have to meet the tenants if you don’t want to, and the tenants will never have your contact details, so you’ll be free from those annoying 1:00am phone calls in emergency situations.

Therefore, if you really want to start making that extra rental income each month, but do not have the time or patience it requires, then there is no better choice than hiring Atwell & Co to manage your property, leaving you free to decide exactly how you want to spend that extra income.