Property Managers in Malvern | Property Management | Malvern, Victoria

If you are looking for property managers in Malvern, you have come to the right place. At Atwell & Co, we work with all our clients to make sure that they get exactly what they are looking for. Atwell & Co is located in Victoria, but we have our managers working in more than 160 suburban locations, and one of them is Malvern.

Our property managers in Malvern offer 2 main services. The first is property management. If you hire them to manage your property, it becomes their job to make sure that your property is either rented or leased, that it has reliable tenants and that all fees are collected for you on time. It is also their job to take care of all repairs and maintenance that is required.

The second service they offer is traditional real estate agent. They broker properties for people who are looking to either buy or sell. If you are looking to buy, contact them with all the details of your property and they will find someone who is selling real estate that meets your requirements. If you are looking for a buyer, they will use their contacts in the Malvern market to get you one.

So Why Should You Choose Us for Property Management in Malvern?

Because we deliver. At Atwell & Co, we work to make sure that we do better than any other real estate companies or individuals in the market. Here are some of the reasons we have such a good track record:

  • We have enough years of experience on Malvern real estate; we know whatever there is to know about it and so when a client comes to us, we have ready solutions.
  • We have streamlined processes so that we are more efficient. In real estate, timing is everything and without processes that work, most real estate companies find that they miss out on the best deals.
  • All our staff is well versed in all legislation covering real estate. We don’t just use this knowledge for ourselves. We advise our clients if they are in need of legal information            .
  • Our employees work is measured using KPI’s. This means that for them to keep working for Atwell & Co, they have to do their best for every client that they handle.
  • To service and maintain properties, we work with the most reliable vendors. This means that you can expect professional repairs and maintenance at all times. We also make sure that when vendors are working, there are minimum disruptions.

What will Atwell & Co Location Property Managers Do for You?

As property managers in Malvern, our employees are expected to do a lot to make sure that their clients are happy:

  • The first thing that they do after you hire them is an inspection so that they can know the state of the property and if there are any repairs to be made. These inspections are carried out every month and you will receive a report that is accompanied by photos. If there are any repairs to be done, your Malvern property manager will get organize for them and make sure that they are done at a reasonable cost.
  • They vet tenants to make sure that you have reliable people living in your house. They look though their business and personal history, they make credit card checks and they use the National Tenancy Database to verify history before they sign on a tenant.
  • They collect all rent for you as agreed and they make sure that tenants are paying their other monthly bills that are related to the property. They are supposed to send rental fees to you within 5 days            along with all the documentation relating to payments.
  • They prepare all the documentation that is required for the contract. Some documents are standard – the lease agreement, the condition report and the bond lodgment, but if there are any others specific to your property, they will prepare them as well.
  • If there any delays in rent or payment of associated bills, it is the job of your Malvern property manager to take whatever course of action is necessary to recover the money.
  • If a tenant wants to leave, the property manager does a final inspection and repairs are deducted from the bond. They will supervise the repairs and make sure that the property is ready for rent by another tenant in the shortest time possible.
  • It is their job to find new tenants for all vacant properties without delay so that you don’t lose income while waiting to find a new tenant. It is in their interest as well – if a property is vacant, they don’t get paid.

These are some of the things that your property manager in Malvern will do for you; there are many more. If you want to know the entire range of our services, visit the Atwell & Co website.