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If you have recently bought a property for investment in Ormond, Victoria and are planning to have the units rented or leased, the next step for you is to find the best property management Ormond can offer. This way, you will not have to worry about learning the ropes when it comes to handling the operations and attending to your tenants’ needs. You will not have to be troubled about processing legal documents and following real estate legislation. Leaving these tasks in the efficient hands of a great property management firm like Atwell & Co. will save you plenty of time, effort, and money in the long haul and will ensure you of amazing results too from this investment.

Why Choose Atwell & Co. Property Management Services?

Perhaps you are wondering why there have been remarkable feedback on Atwell & Co. when it comes to property management. Indeed we are proud of what we have achieved and how we have helped numerous clients enjoy hassle-free passive income from their residential and commercial properties.

Take a good look at these reasons which have given many people confidence in us :

1. Excellent Track Record

When it comes to property management Ormond, we proudly show our excellent track record. This is a clear evidence of how we have performed and given satisfaction to clients in the past. Thus, it is also the reason why we are looked up to in this industry and why we continue to be a favorite among property investors and developers.

2. Unparalleled Quality of Service

Our property managers Ormond can ensure you of unparalleled quality of service which you cannot get elsewhere. From beginning until present, we always do our best and work round the clock to complete all necessary tasks and guarantee smooth operations daily. We show our genuine concern for each and every client by going the extra mile.

3. Superior Team and System

Our team members are all highly trained and qualified individuals who can carry out their assigned tasks wonderfully in order to efficiently manage your property. They are knowledgeable in the property market of Ormond and have also mastered real estate legislation. Furthermore, they are well-versed in implementing our proven system in getting things done on a regular basis, processing documents, screening tenants, responding to requests and complaints, collecting payments, and many more.

4. Complete Documentation and Assistance

We also offer complete documentation and assistance of requirements such as those of the lease agreement, bond lodgement, and condition report.  You are indeed in good hands with Atwell & Co. so you can simply relax while we process all these things for a smooth turnover, move, or transition. Furthermore, we provide extra assistance for other things that have to be settled with regard to property legalities.

5. Stringent Tenant Selection

Having a stringent tenant selection is part of the reason why we are successful in what we do. A lot of our clients have expressed appreciation for this because in the long run, it was evident how good tenants mattered a lot. You can avoid plenty of problems in the future just by screening the tenants well. Hence we provide this strict method of selection for your own good.

What Can Our Ormond Property Managers Do For You?

The best property manager Ormond has to offer will certainly accomplish the tasks below and more. We at Atwell & Co. are proud to let you know that all our property managers Ormond-based can do the following tasks:

1. Design and Implement an Effective Advertising Campaign

We can customize an advertising campaign that will suit your specific needs and make it more effective. This will usually include exposure on the Internet and social media as well as being a part of our emailed rent list. Furthermore, we will also take charge of the implementation and monitoring of marketing and advertising efforts. Rest assured that you will not have long periods of vacancies.

2. Prepare and Process Documents and Utility Requirements

You do not have to worry about all the legal documents that are needed for the property itself and with regard to tenants. We will take care of these things for you. In addition, we also prepare and process utility requirements such as those for your electricity, water, and phone line.

3. Collect rent and handle delays and misses in arrears

From the start, we already explain thoroughly the terms of payment. We are strict in enforcing collection of monthly and advanced payments. We also take appropriate action in case a tenant misses arrears.

4. Respond to requests and complaints

The burden to respond to requests and complaints by tenants is purely on our shoulders. Let our professional property managers Ormond handle these things as you simply lay back and wait for those fat checks to start rolling in.