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When it comes to finding a quality tenant for your property, experience counts. Whether you own a home that you are looking to rent out or are after someone to rent your flat or apartment, hiring a professional property manager with industry experience and knowledge of your local area is key to the success of your investment. Whilst there are many to choose from, hiring a property manager in Prahran is a decision that needs careful consideration and should be based on how well your property manager knows Prahran and current industry standards.

Why Choose Atwell & Co Property Management Service?

Specialists in property management in Prahran, Atwell & Co offer a boutique property management service tailored specifically to your real estate needs. Effectively trained in the latest technology and systems, your property management team at Atwell & Co stay in touch with emerging trends in the Melbourne property market to effectively manage your property. Not only does this ensure compliance with local legislation, your Prahran property manager will actively manage your property and offer suggestions for maintenance. This ensures that your property always attracts the very best tenant and continues to appreciate in value.

What Exactly Do Our Prahran Property Managers Do?

When sourcing a property manager in Prahran, it is important to consider the level of service offered by the property management company. You should be looking for a full service property management company that will take care of every detail involved in the management of your valuable property asset. A good property management company will deal with your tenant on your behalf, taking care of any issues that arise whilst always keeping you in the loop. This way you can rest assured that your property is being expertly managed, allowing you to focus your full attention on the other things in your life that are important to you.

Appointing a rental manager to manage your property should reduce the need for you to worry about the day to day management of your property. Importantly, make sure that your Prahran property management company does not charge you additional fees for services they perform, services that should have been included under your original property management agreement. Once you appoint your Prahran property management company, you should feel confident in their expertise, knowing that a professional is now managing the day to day dealings with your tenant, thereby minimising the time you need to do so.

Our professional property management team at Atwell & Co have been providing a boutique property management service in Melbourne and Prahran since 2004. Our expertise in the Prahran real estate arena and local knowledge of the area is backed by a highly skilled team with decades of experience in the real estate industry.

Full service property management professionals, our team at Atwell & Co are dedicated to always offering the very best experience to both landlords and tenants alike. Each team member is effectively trained in the latest technology and systems, allowing them to easily stay in touch with emerging trends in the Prahran property market.

Each team member proactively manages your property to ensure compliance with local legislation. Each property is fully inspected and the condition is checked and documented for you. Where appropriate, we offer suggestions to you for any maintenance required, to ensure your property continues to appreciate in value and always attracts the very best tenant.

When securing a tenant for you, our team ensures your property is seen as widely as possible by future tenants, by listing your property across a wide array of relevant places including websites,, and newspapers.

All applicants are thoroughly checked and vetted, including comprehensive employment and reference checks, to ensure we only acquire the very best tenant for your property. We take care of all the necessary paperwork to finalise the lease, so that you can rest assured your property management is in the very best of hands.

Once your tenant is in place, we continue to actively manage your property for you, ensuring your rent is paid on time and any requests for maintenance are actioned quickly. We maintain a quality database of trusted contractors on whom we call to maintain your property as needed.

At Atwell & Co, our team are dedicated to always providing exceptional customer service. Why not talk to them today to discuss how we can work with you to expertly manage your valuable property asset.