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Are you tired of looking for real estate agents in Chadstone, Victoria who will get the job done? You can rest now; you have found Atwell & Co Real Estate Agents. We guarantee you that we will help you solve your real estate issues professionally and swiftly. We have helped thousands of people in the Melbourne area to sell their properties, to lease them and we also help manage properties for clients who don’t have the time or the inclination to do it themselves.

Our offices are easy to find in Prahran and we strive to satisfy every client who walks through our doors. What makes us special is that we took time to understand the real estate market in Australia; with so many people buying and selling homes and other kinds of real estate, agents are becoming sloppy. The standard of professionalism is not what it once was. At Atwell & Co Real Estate Agents, we work every day to make sure that our service stands out.

Why Should You Choose Atwell & Co Real Estate Agents?

There are 2 reasons. One is the kind of services we offer and the second is how we offer them. As mentioned, we help people sell their properties. Rather than go the traditional route of selling the house for the client, we appreciate that the client knows more about his property than we ever will so all we offer them is advice on how they can find a buyer fast and what kinds of prices will help their property remain competitive while still making them a handsome profit once the sale is completed.

We have a department that helps people manage their second properties. A lot of Australians who own second homes want to rent them out but the work involved in getting good tenants, collecting rents and making sure that the property is cared for is too much. We help to get tenants by casting wider searches for people who are looking to rent. We also vet every would-be tenant for any problems they may have caused at tenants in the past. In addition to that, we collect rents every month and make sure that the property remains in good condition. If repairs are needed, we work with the best quality vendors in Chadstone so that the repairs are of the highest quality.

What Makes Our Service Different?

We listen to what our clients want, which doesn’t happen all the time when it comes to real estate. We make sure that we understand your needs and then serve them accordingly. We know that many people are emotionally tied to their homes; we also know that for many people, a home has great financial worth. With all this knowledge, we work to make sure that the client gets exactly what they want in the shortest time possible. All of our employees have real estate training and they are familiar not just with selling and property management but the legal side of things as well. This knowledge is passed on to our clients so that they are legally up to date.

Give us a call today and find out why so many clients are happy about Atwell & Co Real Estate Agents.

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