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If you are looking at real estate agents in Clayton, Victoria, you should try Atwell & Co Real Estate Agents. Located in the heart of Melbourne, right in Prahran, we strive to do the best that we can for our clients. It is true that we offer services that other real estate agents offer, but we are proud to tell you that it is how we offer these services that makes such a big difference.┬áMost clients who come to us from real estate agencies tell us of their frustrations: the agency is taking too long, they don’t seem to have the right answers, they are not there when you need them, they are not taking good care of the properties entrusted to them. The list is a long one but we can stop there because at Atwell & Co Real Estate Agents, we have found a way to offer our services without frustrating the client.

So Why Choose Atwell & Co Real Estate Agents?

There are several reasons.

The first is our employees. A lot has changed on the real estate front especially since that last economic meltdown. Real estate knowledge and skills that were useful before the meltdown are useless now. Real estate agents have had to invest in new information. We took the time to do just that with our employees. Each of them is trained for the market as it is today. This means that they have the kind of information that helps you sell your house faster or that helps you find stable tenants for your house.

In-house, we have streamlined operations so that we can cut down on the amount of time it takes to get things done. We appreciate that waiting to get someone to buy your house is can be stressful with all the anticipation. We also understand that getting the right tenant should take the minimum time possible. Our aim in streamlining operations was to reduce the amount of time it takes us to serve our clients.

We monitor our employees closely to make sure that they are performing as they should, Because we have given them the right training and they have the skills necessary to work in real estate, we continually check their performance so that we can correct any problems that may arise. As a client, if you have an unrewarding experience with one of our employees, we encourage you to talk to management.

We never let go of our clients hands until the transaction is complete. Selling a house is not simply the process of finding a buyer for it. There is paperwork to be completed and both buyer and
seller must understand their legal obligations. Until everything is in place and both buyer and seller are satisfied, we are available to help.

To experience the efficiency of our real estate services at Atwell & Co Real Estate Agents, contact us.

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