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Only 2 kilometres southeast of Melbourne CBD is the suburb of Cremorne. One of the features of the Cremorne area is its mix of townhouses, offices and cottages in an area of only 1km2!

In an area as tiny as Cremorne, knowledge of the area and local contacts network are critical in securing good returns in real estate transactions. So, it is crucial that you secure the services of a local real estate agent with detailed knowledge of the area.

We Can Provide You with the Best Real Estate Agent Services for the Suburb of Cremorne

Our real estate agents in Cremorne beat out the competition by utilising their local knowledge of the suburb. Our agents are well acquainted with the suburb and have detailed knowledge of all properties that the suburb has to offer, and which are currently available. You can take advantage of this detailed knowledge by working with Atwell & Co.

One of our agents will be appointed as your dedicated service provider. They will be available to promptly respond to any of your queries and consistently work towards securing the best outcome for you and your property.