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Are you having trouble finding the right kind of real estate agents in Hawksburn, Victoria? Maybe that is because you have not talked to Atwell & Co Real Estate Agents. We are a real estate firm that is based in Prahran, Victoria. We have taken the time, over the years to understand the Victoria property market and we are able to help our clients find buyers for their houses and we also help them lease. In addition, we have a property management division that we take all your property headaches away.

Why Choose Atwell & Co Real Estate Agents?

With so many real estate agents in Hawksburn, Victoria, why should you choose us to do your real estate transaction? Because we come with many advantages that are unique only to the best real estate agents. Here is what we do for you if you are selling your house. We get you to tell us your expectations so that we can know the kind of house that you are selling and what you expect to get for it. We consider it one of our main tasks to advice people who are selling their properties on what the market prices look like. A lot of people are emotionally attached to their homes and when it comes to selling, they may attach a price on it higher than it is worth. Other people don’t know much about what the market looks like and they end up under-pricing their homes. We take it as our job to give you a realistic figure of how much your property can fetch so that you can sell it as fast as possible.

We also take it upon ourselves to familiarize you with all the laws that govern real estate transactions in Australia including the Residential Tenancies Act 1997, Estate Agents Act 1980 so that as a seller, you are fully aware of your legal responsibilities and requirements. If you find a buyer and are not very sure how to conclude the transaction, just get in touch. All our employees are well versed in how to take a real estate transaction to its conclusion.

If you are looking for property management, here is what you will get with Atwell & Co Real Estate Agents. We do an inspection on the property to make sure that it has everything that a tenant may require. We scrutinise all would-be tenants to make sure that they are of the highest credibility. We look at how they have paid rents and debts in the past to ensure that your property doesn’t end up with a problematic tenant. We collect all rents and we make sure that you receive it at the agreed rate. If there are any missed payments, we follow them up ourselves. We use top quality trades-people so your property can always have the highest quality workmanship and installations. We do regular inspections so that if there is any damage, we can catch it and repair it on time.

Don’t get frustrated with real estate agents in Hawskburn before you have talked to Atwell & Co Real Estate Agents. We just might be exactly what you are looking for.

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