Real Estate Agents Hawthorn

Finding real estate agents in Hawthorn who can help you sell or lease your house in a professional and timely manner is not very easy. Many of them will promise to do a great job for you but in the end, clients end up disappointed. We know this because many clients who come to us tell us of their experiences in the hands of other real estate agents. At Atwell & Company Real Estate Agents, we guarantee that you will get exactly what you need to speed up the sale or lease of your property.

Why Choose Atwell & Company Real Estate Agents?

There are many reasons why you should come to us, and here are some of them. The first thing that we do with our clients in Hawthorn, Victoria is listen to them so that we know what their expectations are. We know that different clients have different expectations and we are prepared to understand exactly what you need. We make sure that you understand the process of how we will help you with your real estate. All our employees are knowledgeable about the process and they take the time to explain it to the client. If you are looking to sell, we make sure that we give you all the information that you need to find a buyer as quickly as possible. A big part of this is making sure that your real estate is priced properly so that it remains attractive to the market while at the same time fetching you good proceeds once it is sold. All our employees are familiar with all the laws that govern real estate so you don’t have to worry that your sale or lease may not have fulfilled some laws.

For clients whose property we help lease, we have expert managers who handle your property like it was theirs. They collect all the rents, they also take care of all the repairs on the property. We also work with vetted trades people so you don’t have to worry about the quality of repairs or fixtures around your property. We also recruit tenants of only the highest quality. We take our time with the vetting process and we scrutinise would be occupants of your property to make sure that in their former tenancy, they paid all their bills on time and they took due care to leave the property in good shape.

We take the time to advice all our clients on what we think would serve them best when it comes to selling or leasing property. If, at any time during the process you feel that something is not very clear, call us and we will go through it with you. One of the things that we pride ourselves in that we have streamlined our operations so that every day, anything that we do is structured and efficient. For the client, this means that there is no time lost in doing their transaction. These are only 8 reasons why you should visit Atwell & Company Real Estate Agents. There are plenty more so if you have a property to lease or sell, give us a call.