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Are you happy with Toorak real estate agents? Are you having a hard time finding one? You are not alone. Many people feel that although there are many real estate agents in Toorak, a good number of them do not do as promised. That is why at Atwell & Co Real Estate Agents, we have chosen to be exemplary. We understand that your real estate needs are personal to you and we treat them as such, allowing you to participate in the process.

Why Should You Choose Atwell & Co Real Estate Agents?

Real estate is an investment that is often emotional to the owner. It may be because real estate is expensive; it may be because when you live in a home for so long you get attached. That is why many people today are choosing to participate in the sale of their homes. At Atwell & Co Real Estate Agents, we have designed the process so that you get to sell your own home to a buyer of your choice and for how much you feel it is worth. All we do is offer guidance on what you can do to speed up the process. Because we understand the real estate around Melbourne, we will advice you whether the price you have chosen is right. We also help you adjust upwards if we feel that you are undervaluing your home. Property management is another expertise of ours. Most people who want to rent out their properties don’t want to handle the day to day affairs. At Atwell & Co Real Estate Agents, we take the process away from you but keep you in the loop at the same time.

We first check to see whether you have everything in the property that a tenant would need. Then we proceed to find prospective tenants, and we vet everyone thoroughly to make sure that they will not be a problematic renter. We look at their finances to make sure that they will not have a problem paying rent. We also check with previous landlords if they took care of their last rental. In case there are repairs to be done, we carry them out in a fast and efficient way causing minimum bother to the tenants. We have selected only the best vendors in Toorak and we inspect to make sure that their repair jobs are of top quality. We also do inspections often and send you a report along with photos of the property so that you can see the condition it is in.

To do all this, we have a team of dedicated employees who have the required real estate training. We have also made sure that every employee understands the real estate arena as it is now after the last global crisis. This helps them to fulfill client requests swiftly. In addition to that, every employee has KPI’s which must be met. If you are not happy with your current real estate agent, call Atwell & Co Real Estate Agents and we will sort out your real estate needs.

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