Property Management with Atwell & Co…..

Atwell & Co is a leading Melbourne property management company & registered real estate agent. Our aim is to maximise long term returns on your investment by following a number of proven steps, guaranteeing a level of service that delivers results every time. Atwell & Co take great care in thoroughly managing every property that we have been entrusted with. Our cleints can feel confident that their investment are in good hands with us. Some of those effective steps include:

  1. Effective advertising and exposure
  2. Rigorous selection process of reliable tenants
  3. Consistent monitoring and maintenance of your property
  4. Competitive fees
  5. Thorough and accessible documentation
  6. Compliance with increasingly complex rules and regulations
  7. Continual updates on your property

If you would like to know more about our property management services please click HERE to view a complete list of our services.