agreementMost of the problems experienced by tenants, landlords and property managers can be overcome with prompt and honest communication. It is the TENANTS’ major responsibility to keep the property clean and to meet their financial obligations as stated in their lease and it is the LANDLORD’S responsibility to see that the property is maintained and to ensure that the tenant has peaceful enjoyment. It is the PROPERTY MANAGER’S role to oversee these processes. This can be achieved by effective communication from all parties.

Tenancy Application Forms, Student Tenancy Application Forms, Tenancy Application Privacy Policy and Consumer Affairs “Renting A Home, A Guide For Tenants And Landlords” booklet can be found at the bottom of this page.

Connection Of Services

As the TENANT of the property, it is your responsibility to arrange connection of all utilities including gas, electricity, telephone connection and water.
The following telephone numbers will assist you with this:


Telstra – 132 200
Optus – 133 937

Electricity & Gas

AGL – 133 000
Origin Energy – 132 114
Origin Energy (Interpreter) – 131 450
TXU – 132 082
United Energy – 1300 131 689



City West Water – 131 971
South East Water (Prahran, South Yarra, St Kilda areas) – 131 851
Yarra Valley Water – 131 721

Contact Hours

Atwell & Co is open the following hours:
Monday to Friday: 9:00am – 5:00pm
Saturday: By Appointment

Telephone: 03 9510 6203
03 9510 7263


The bond is the money that tenants pay as a security deposit for the premises they are leasing. If the tenants fail to keep the premises clean, or cause damage, or don’t pay rent, the landlord/agent can claim some or all of the bond at the end of the tenancy.

All bonds are held by The Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA).

The amount of bond paid can vary depending on a number of factors.  The bond amount payable will be advised by one of our property managers upon enquiry or application.

The bond must be paid upon signing the lease in a separate bank cheque or money order made payable to the RTBA. A receipt for the bond will be sent to the property indicated on the bond lodgment form by the RTBA.  It is important to keep a copy of this receipt as you will need it at the end of your tenancy or should you need to complete a tenant transfer throughout your tenancy.

The bond will be refunded, less any deductions that are agreed upon or as directed by VCAT at the end of your tenancy once the property is fully vacated and all keys have been returned to Atwell & Co.

Changes During The Tenancy

It is the obligation of the tenants to notify the managing agent of any changes in tenants or tenant details during the course of the tenancy.

If your employment details change, please ensure that you advise our office of any new business numbers and place of employment.

Before a new occupant moves into the property Atwell & Co must be notified, an application completed by the new occupant and approval gained from the owner.

Please note: any changes to the tenancy, i.e. TRANSFER OF BOND, must be made in writing and SIGNED BY ALL PARTIES. Any change in occupants could affect the bond refund process when you vacate – see “Bond” above.

If the lease agreement is in joint or multiple names, all parties to it are individually and jointly responsible. In other words, if one party does not fulfill their obligations under the lease, all of the parties are responsible.


You may transfer funds from your account into the Atwell & Co account each month via the internet or simply set up an automated payment through your bank. When you transfer your monthly rent please quote your property code. If you do not quote this code we will be unable to identify this as your rent


If you wish, you can directly deposit cash into our account through any bank. If you do so, you must quote your property code; otherwise we will be unable to identify this as your rent. Please note no cash payments are accepted at the office.


Please make sure you write the property address on the reverse side of the cheque.
Make all cheques payable to:
Atwell & Co
PO Box 491
PrahranVic 3181

Late Rental Payments

If you are experiencing difficulty meeting your rent payment by the due date, we would appreciate you advising us immediately. Failure to pay rent by the due date may result in steps being taken to terminate the tenancy.

Atwell & Co have a very stringent policy for rent arrears so a courtesy call to advise of late payments is crucial.

Please remember our property owners have financial commitments to meet and they rely on rent being paid on time.

Condition Report

This document is just as important as the Tenancy Agreement signed by you, as it establishes the condition of the property at the beginning of the tenancy.

Please ensure that you read through the report carefully and add your own comments in the section provided. Once completed ALL TENANTS ON THE LEASE must sign the report.

It is important to remember that the Condition Report must be returned to our office within 3 business days.

If you neglect to return a signed copy, you forfeit your right to make any comments and we will have no other option than to accept the copy held on file as evidence of the state of repair.

BPAY payments are made through your financial institution’s phone or internet banking service, quoting BPAY Biller Code 4481 and your DEFT Registration Number.


To report a maintenance matter we require you to fax, email or send your request to us in writing.

Fax: 03 9510 7263

It is the tenant’s responsibility to report maintenance issues immediately, in order to avoid the matter becoming more serious.

Emergency Repairs

Please note, as per Item 45 of the Tenancy Agreement, all reasonable steps must be taken to notify the AGENT of any repairs – this can be done by submitting your online maintenance request under the forms tab.

In the event of an AFTER HOURS URGENT REPAIR, please phone 03 9510 6203 you will be asked to leave a message on our answering service. This is for ABSOLUTE EMERGENCIES ONLY (see list below)

Under the Residential Tenancies Act 1997, the following are considered “URGENT REPAIRS”:

  • a burst hot water service;
  • a blocked or broken toilet system
  • a serious roof leak
  • a gas leak
  • a dangerous electrical fault
  • flooding or serious flood damage
  • serious storm or fire damage
  • a failure or breakdown of any essential service or appliance provided by the landlord or agent for hot water, water, cooking, heating or laundering.
  • a failure or breakdown of the gas, electricity or water supply
  • any fault or damage in the premises that makes the premises unsafe or insecure
  • an appliance, fitting or fixture which is not working properly and causes a substantial amount of water to be wasted
  • a serious fault in a lift or staircase in the rented premises

You can also find a list of the emergency repairs by clicking on the link to Consumer Affairs “Renting A Home, A Guide For Tenants And Landlords” booklet at the bottom of the page.


Once your fixed term lease expires you may wish to renew it. In this case please forward your request in writing detailing how long you wish to renew the term for. Alternatively, once the lease expires, you may prefer to remain on a periodic tenancy that is “month to month”. Please note, you will still be bound by the same terms and conditions that apply for a fixed term lease. You DO NOT have to vacate the property when the lease expires.

Should you wish to VACATE the property at the end of the lease term, we require notice in writing, not less than 28 days before the lease expires.

Contents Insurance

As per Item 39 of the Tenancy Agreement, in relation to CONTENTS INSURANCE, the LANDLORD is not responsible to insure the TENANT’S possessions. The LANDLORD’S insurance policy covers only the building and any fixtures and fittings. With the ever-increasing incidence of burglary and theft, it is strongly recommended that the TENANT take out Content’s Insurance cover with their own insurance company.

Locks And Keys

Should you decide to change the locks during the tenancy, it is your obligation to provide Atwell & Co with a duplicate key. This also applies to any deadlocks or window locks that may have been installed with the owner’s prior approval.

In the event that you should lock yourself out of the property, please contact us and we shall endeavour to provide a spare key during business hours only. It is not our obligation to hold spare keys for properties and we cannot guarantee that one will be available.

If you are living in a building or complex where security keys have been issued, you may not be able to gain access via a locksmith. In these instances we recommend that you arrange to leave a spare key with a friend or relative in advance.

Please Note: Although all reasonable care has been taken to ensure that all keys to the property have been returned by previous tenants, it is not possible to know how many sets of keys have been made. We therefore strongly recommend that you change the barrel of the locks once you have taken possession of the property.