Before you start marketing your property for sale, why not have a look at some of these helpful suggestions. You may wish to take some of them into consideration to improve the presentation of your property and ensure that you achieve the best results for your property.

117_img_locnClean - As simple as it sounds, ensuring your property is sparkling clean will ensure prospective buyers are instantly attracted to your property and hopefully fall in love with it. First impressions do count! Wipe all surfaces till they shine, including windows, showers, baths, floors and taps. Remember to air out your property prior to every inspection to remove the smell of cleaning products and other odours. We are happy to recommend a professional and experienced cleaner should you require one.


118_img_locnTidy – De-clutter rooms and hallways, freeing floor and bench space. Put items back in cupboards, organize shelves, cupboards, and if this is still not enough, consider putting some items in storage. In summary, think minimalism. If your property appears spacious, prospective buyers will be better able to envision its full potential.



119_img_locnMaintain - You want your property to appear as well maintained as possible so potential buyers are not put off by the thought of ongoing renovations, constant maintenance or overgrown gardens. This means fixing all those odd-jobs you have been “getting around to”, including tidying up gardens and mowing lawns. We will happily recommend a professional, competent and trustworthy tradesperson to assist you in these areas if required.


120_img_locnUpdate – Installing new floor coverings and fixtures is tempting, however is only really necessary if the current ones are very dated or severely damaged. If the walls are yellowed, peeling or stained, you may want to consider painting. The same is true for wall-paper, although neither of these options is a necessity. If you are painting small rooms, consider lighter colours so the space appears larger, and remember that bold colours may put potential buyers off.


121_img_locnDisplay - Decorate the apartment and arrange the furniture to attract potential buyers. Consider who is in the market for the type of property you are selling and tailor the space to suit. This does not have to be as drastic as a show home, (however you can hire display furniture) and some well placed decoration or art work may suffice. This will add to the property’s appeal and potentially increase offers.


122_img_locnEnvironment – Consider the sensory experience your property presents to prospective buyers. If it is near a noisy street, close windows, monitor the temperature and turn the air conditioning or heating on if required. Rid your property (especially the kitchen and bathroom) of unwanted smells with deodorizer and perhaps use essential oils or candles to create atmosphere. Open blinds and turn on lamps and lights so the property looks bright and inviting.

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