Spotlight on Carnegie, Australia

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Carnegie is a suburb of Melbourne located just 12 kilometers to the south-east of the central business district. With a population of approximately 15,084, it is one of the largest suburbs in Melbourne. The suburb has its own shopping precinct, at Koornang Road and there are also a number of other shopping strips along Nerim Road and Dandenong Road.

How this suburb got its name is an interesting story in itself. Previously called Rosstown, the local administration decided to change the suburbs name to Carnegie in a bid to earn the support of a local benefactor, Andrew Carnegie, for the local library. The attempt to gain support eventually failed but the name stuck for good.

Although the manufacturing enterprises which played an important role in the growth of Carnegie no longer exist, Carnegie has continued to develop. Proof of its development can be found in the operation of a number of transport systems in the area. Carnegie is served by a train route as well as several bus routes and a tram service making Carnegie a very convenient location for commuters.

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