Spotlight on Hughesdale, Australia

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Hughesdale is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria located 18 kilometers from the CBD. With an area of just 2km, it is also one of the smallest suburbs in metropolitan Melbourne. Since it has a population of less than 7,000 (as of the 2006 census) it is not congested, despite its small land area. This makes the suburb an ideal location for those who wish to live in a quieter area of the city. Compared to other inner-city suburbs, Hughesdale offers peaceful and less stressful environment.

Hughesdale is a lively, multicultural suburb. The majority of the dwellings in Hughesdale are single family -detached homes. Most properties have wide front lawns and spacious backyards. These family-friendly features are the reason why Hughesdale is a popular suburb despite its distance from Melbourne CBD.

The main form of transportation for residents of Hughesdale is private vehicles, with the majority of residents having cars of their own. The suburb, however, has a railway system which caters for those who would rather commute. The station is in an accessible location for most residents.

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