Why Property Managers in Australia Are The Best At What They Do

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Property managers play a significant role in maintaining the value of any property and also during the sale or buying of property managers will help you get the best out of your investment. Australian property managers have remained popular in the world based on the high level lf expertise they have demonstrated in property management. So why exactly makes them good at what they do? Well to start with it is important to note that in general, the Australian property management market has grown substantially over the last few years. Many property managers here have seen exemplary success and despite the fact that in many countries this has not been the case, Australia’s property management market has performed very well because of the following reasons.

Favourable property management regulations

In Australia, the regulation set forth for  Reasonable commission fees

Unlike many countries where the commission for property managers is fixed, in Australia it varies from state to state. Furthermore, the commission is very reasonable and this gives landlords and property owners the financial mobility needed to hire a property manager. In most states however, commission for property management ranges between 5% – 8.8 percent of all the rent retuned in a given time frame. In countries such as the UK and the United States, the standard commission is in the range of 7% – 8% making its hard for land lords to hire managers to manage their properties.

Flexibility in doing their job

In Australia, property managers have a lot of flexibility in doing their job unlike in many countries abroad. The basic reason why this is a very important point to note is based on the fact flexibility allows an opportunity for dialogue and as such, in most cases tenants and land lords can always arrive at an agreement regarding anything with the property managers. For example, in the US tenants are supposed to remit rents at a specific date but in Australia, the property manager has the leeway to negotiate this with the tenant.

Legal protection

Property managers in Australia unlike in countries overseas are protected by the law. In case of any complaints filed by the tenants or the landlord, unlike in the US where the  property managers is not entitled to attend the hearing, in Australia a property manager can do it. This offers the necessary legal protection for property managers to do their jobs easily and effectively.

With this points well noted it is now clear why property management in Australia is indeed very successful. The trends will continue in the near and long term future all down to the reasons highlighted above.

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